Bonnysa is crossing borders with its fresh guacamole

Since January of this year, Bonnysa’s guacamole is being sold, under the Chef Select brand, in all the LIDL stores in Spain. And the fact is that in recent months more countries, through LIDL, have added this product to their supermarket shelves, both as promotional material, in the Mexican thematic weeks, and as a continuous product.

Countries such as Poland, Denmark, Finland, Portugal, Belgium, Rumania, the Netherlands, Italy, Lithuania, the Czech Republic, France or Germany have been able to try a product which, little by little, has been gaining a foothold on the market, as it uses a completely natural recipe and has no sugars, preservatives, colourings or thickeners of any kind. This work is also being acknowledged on social media by consumers who emphasise its flavour and characteristics, also indicating that it is an example of “responsible processing.”

Under the brand name of Bonnysa, along with a spicy variation, they are also working with other brands, which are seeing their sales intensified thanks to the positive value that consumers are giving the product.

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