‘¿Ysi? de Bouquet’, a safe bet for healthy eating

The ‘¿Ysi? de Bouquet’ Range brings together different product lines such as soups, creams, spreads, hamburgers…

Alberto Cáncer, manager for the pre-prepared and ready-to-eat ranges from Anecoop, talked to us about this new concept that they have developed through the company Janus Fruit, S.L., belonging to the Anecoop Group.

What has the launching of the ‘¿Ysi? de Bouquet’ range meant for Anecoop?

Anecoop continuously backs innovation and this step forms part of its R&D plan. It is our responsibility as an agrifood company to respond to the consumers’ needs, at the same time as motivating them to eat more fruit and vegetables. With ‘¿Ysi? by Bouquet’, we are backing healthy eating, which is both 100% natural and convenient.

What exactly is the concept ‘Express SlowFood’?

It is a nod to the ‘Slowfood’ movement, but adapting their philosophy to an ‘Express’ lifestyle. The concept responds to today’s lifestyle, bringing together healthy eating, handmade preparation based on fruit and/or vegetables and the ‘ready to eat’ concept’.

What range of products can be found in ‘¿Ysi? de Bouquet’?

The range has several product lines: soups and creams made from pumpkins, lentils and vegetables, ecological vegetable stews with ‘super foods’ or microalgae, such as the pumpkin and chia seed creams or vegetable cream with spirulina; vegetable spreads such as sweet and spicy guacamoles, avocado hummus or sweet potato sobrassada, which are new developments; vegetable aperitifs, such as carrot or courgette sticks with yogurt sauce; fruit salads, baked apple desserts or dried fruit.

At Fruit Attraction, we are presenting a line of vegetable hamburgers, which include the highest percentage of vegetables on the market (over 60% in all the references).

This year’s latest development has been Kombucha, a probiotic drink of fermented tea.

Where can we find it?

At Carrefour centres, as well as in Consum supermarkets, the Eroski chain and the TuTrebol chain in Tenerife.

What are the main characteristics of ‘¿Ysi? de Bouquet’?

The range’s common characteristic is the lack of colourings, preservatives, added sugars, lactose and/or gluten, that is to say, they are products that are only minimally processed and that are very healthy. In the cooked products, we have opted for pasteurisation.

In the case of the uncooked products, the only preservatives are maximum hygiene and refrigeration.

Have you thought about exporting the concept?

Yes. In fact, some ‘¿Y si? de Bouquet’ BIO brand products are already available in the CASINO chain in France.

Likewise, our subsidiaries in other countries are presenting the project presentation to their clients at present and are studying the adaptation requirements that the different products could have on each of the markets, with their local particularities.

We are opting for integrating the entire Express SlowFood in the same space, with the aim of letting consumers find all the options available in the same area of the store.

This will allow a complete, three course menu to be available to consumers, healthy and 100% natural, with multiple options for every season of the year.

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