Germany absorbs over 25% of exports from Murcia

With a total of 634,380 tonnes, the German market represents 26.3% of the total fruit and vegetables exported by the Region of Murcia

The importance of the German market means there will be a significant presence of companies from Murcia at Fruit Logística 2019, an event to be held in Berlin from the 6th to the 8th of February, with the largest fruit and vegetable offer from the European continent.

The group of companies associated with Proexport is attending under the slogan: ‘Quality is here’, with the aim of highlighting the quality, sustainability, innovation and flavour of the productions from Murcia.

The chairman of Proexport, Juan Marín, recalls that “at this point of the winter, we are the fruit and vegetable pantry of Europe. When other countries are suffering from the regular bad weather conditions, in the Region of Murcia we continue to supply our vegetables to clients and international collaborators, thanks to the fact that this south-eastern corner of Spain boasts better temperatures and expert farmers. Our commitment is to maintain a top-quality service and, therefore, we are returning to Berlin, guaranteeing that on the markets all over Europe they will be able to enjoy the best fruit and vegetables, even during the winter.”

Marín hopes that the trade contacts that are established at Fruit Logística will help to incorporate new clients and destinations to the list of over forty countries that Proexport companies already supply. “When we reach the middle of the fruit and vegetable campaign, it is the time to get back to the people in charge of the distribution chains, wholesalers, importers and the Horeca channel, as well as presenting our extensive offer of produce to incorporate new clients.”

Furthermore, the companies that are members of Apoexpa will be present on a group stand. 62.6% of exported Spanish table grapes come from the Region of Murcia. In stone fruit, this region holds the second place on the national export ranking.

The Region holds a leading position in international sales with a wide variety of products: celery (71.8%), lettuce (70.2%), broccoli and cauliflower (70.1%), spinach (74.4%), endive and escarole (49%), lemons (59.6%), table grapes (62.6%) and melon (52.3%). It also holds second place in artichokes, Swiss chard, tomatoes, watermelon, plums, mandarins, grapefruit, different vegetables and stone fruit.

Fruit and vegetable exports from the Region of Murcia during the 2017-18 campaign rose to 2,519,865 tonnes, 20% of the exports from all of Spain, reaching a value of 2,471 million euros.

Other destinations reached by products from Murcia

Germany is followed by the United Kingdom as the second destination for fruit and vegetables from Murcia, with 482,713 tonnes exported, representing 20% of the total. France is in third place with 400,466 tonnes, 16.6% of exports. Outside Europe, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates are the most important destinations for fruit and vegetable exports.

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