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Verdita is being used to consolidate ADORA

This premium tomato is back at the Messe after receiving a Silver Medal at the FLIA 2018

The chocolate-brown, Marmande tomato ADORA will be present at the Berlin trade fair to keep informing of its virtues after a year in which it has managed to find its position on the main European markets. Its excellent organoleptic qualities (extraordiraty flavour with a perfect balance between citric acid, malic acid, fructose and sucrose; firmness; and slow evolution of the fruit’s ripening in post-harvest) have opened the doors for it on the most demanding markets. A milestone has also been reached: bringing together some of the most important fruit and vegetable marketers in Spain for the join marketing of a single product. Through the company Verdita, established last October, Unica, Biosabor, Casi and the Cooperative Granada La Palma are working together to sell ADORA. All of them will be at Fruit Logistica and they have reserved a prominent space on their stands for this premium tomato. But they will also be giving out information regarding an important development: from this year onwards, they will also market Primora, which has the ADORA flavour guarantee and can be found on the supermarkets shelves for a longer time using the same sales channels.

Endorsed by the FLIA

In 2018, ADORA obtained the Silver Medal at the Fruit Logistica Innovation Awards 2018 (FLIA). The jury ratified the virtues of the tomato developed by the seed company HM.CLAUSE “with a flavour certificate.” In order to maintain the high level of quality in each of their tomatoes, the producers of Verdita are carrying out a joint strategy regarding planning, food safety and quality control. In this way, by unifying each of the process phases, they have managed to guarantee a homogeneous, sustainable production all year long. This significant effort has been rewarded with a high demand and, in order to meet the expectations generated, the crop surface area has been tripled in this second campaign.

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