“We want to produce our own crops”

Reyes Gutiérrez is drafting a growth plan to reach 1,000 hectares of avocado crops

The company from Malaga specialising in tropical fruit Reyes Gutiérrez is returning to Fruit Attraction, as it does every year, to meet up with its clients again and continue consolidating its business ties. This time, its stand, 10E03, located in Hall 10, will host the presentation of the redesigning of its brand Casado, as well as the new designs of the Casado Original and Casado Premium boxes, without forgetting the launch of the brand Reyes Gutiérrez, which is proving to be a great success.

The company, which is already in the middle of the mango campaign, expects to harvest around 2,500,000 kg this year, which “would mean getting back to a campaign similar to 2018, the best one in the history of mangos,” sources from the company explain. “Due to our experience in this tropical fruit, we believe that there is going to be more production than last year, but we wouldn’t dare to put it at a 20-30% increase, as is being commented.”

In the case of avocados, they have started up an ambitious growth plan aimed at reaching 1,000 hectares of their own crops. “At the moment, we have 400 ha in Malaga and Portugal. We are seeing how new production areas are arising as climatic alternatives for a product in such high demand. This is inevitable, although the crops, the agronomic conditions and the product quality should all be studied carefully in order for them to be profitable.” With this commitment, they intend to give added value to retailers, “producing their own crops”. And the fact is that “currently we are seeing that there are more and more competitors in the sector and we must differentiate our produce by controlling the processes from start to finish.”

The good avocado results (in this last campaign alone, prices are 16% higher than in the previous one, according to the Tropical Fruit Report by Cajamar) are behind investments being made by many companies in the sector. In other crops, such as citrus fruits and vegetables, the investment funds have started to wake up to a key sector such as agriculture. Will we see funds also making forays into tropical fruits? The Manager of Reyes Gutiérrez, Juan Antonio Reyes, has already “received several offers, but the chance of being able to work alongside my children and see how they grow professionally, taking on responsibilities, is what makes me happy and keeps me strong to be able to continue with our company.”

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