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Longer life with Enza

A study by the UAL shows that Levantino has greater post-harvest guarantee than other varieties

In July, Enza Zaden showed the latest trends in cucumber, their new developments and the company presented the results of a study on shelf life by Professor Manuel Díaz, from the UAL.

The study is based on a methodology used in Medicine and it determines that Levantino “has a shelf life guarantee of 11 days without any complaints, compared to the control (with 8 days), and its marketing probability is 3 times greater.”

“In general, the most significant reason for the loss of commercial value in cucumbers is wrinkling”, Díaz explains, although it is not the only reason. “Complaints from supermarkets include yellowing, rotting…”

At Enza Zaden, the post-harvest is very important when developing their varieties. The most groundbreaking ones, Oktan and Montano, have a “very interesting potential” on this aspect and the former also has “the highest resistance on the market to CGMMV”, explained Oscar Herrerías, manager for cucumbers. Both have triple resistance, which is essential to obtain a good vegetable health that allows the post-harvest to be extended with the top guarantees.

Oktan (early cycle) has an important production capacity, a very dark coloured, grooved fruit. Montano (medium) offers extra strength on its dates, coming into production quickly and generating fruit with an excellent quality, which are very homogeneous throughout the entire crop. It is included in the Greencumbers concept (with Levantino, Poniente and Braganza), which guarantees high quality standards and post-harvest with fruit that are marketable for longer thanks to the darker colour of the fruit, the homogeneous filling, the absence of bottleneck and a greater percentage of dry material. This longer shelf life means greater sustainability (less waste, less need for packaging…) and it fits in perfectly with the demands made by the chain and the end consumers.

The company also offers reference varieties such as Levantino, which “has an exceptional sales evolution.” Its line of French cucumber includes examples such as Audax (the top seller) or Easyq’s, where they are leaders in the midi segment, with 85% of the market share. The same quality levels are available in the 100% ecological seeds with Vitalis that are the best option for bio producers.

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