Mateu Export obtains the BCR Plus certificate

The company from Mallorca has held the BCR Plus quality certificate, which guarantees the traceability and food safety of its produce, since last March.
This new quality certificate includes all the processes the merchandise passes through from the warehouse to the end customer, and it is added to those already held by the company of GlobalGap and Tesco Nurture.
The company from the Balearic Islands, which is completely devoted to the export of potatoes, makes a very careful selection of these tubers at its own warehouse, which benefits the customer since it means that each batch will have very little waste.
When it is at full capacity, MateuExport has a production of around 200,000 kilos, a volume that has been handled in a single day. Its regular packaging is the jumbo bag, jute sacks of 15, 20 and 25 kilos and smaller-sized paper sacks.
The company’s manager, Joan Mateu explains that part of the company’s success lies in the fact that there has always been a policy of dual interest between the company and the farmer’s interests. “This know-how has given us good results and gives us a broader responsibility.”
The insularity forms an important disadvantage for the development of competitive farming on the island. “We are not considered to be an outermost region, therefore we do not have any kind of aid and although the farmer is highly technologically prepared and a great professional, insularity affects us because the logistical expenses are very important in any transactions, both coming into and leaving the island.”
“Although our company has seen its generational replacement, I would like to think that this will be accompanied by a changeover of generations with the island’s farmers, although I realise this will be difficult.”
The Majorcan export company gives much greater value to the smaller-sized potatoes. Amongst the most popular varieties, cultivated the Maris Peer white potato stands out. Others that are showing a great future are Soprano and Musica from the Dutch company Meijer, a potato with important qualities both for the market and for the farmer and it would replace Marfona.
Regarding the campaign, it is worth mentioning that up to April there was very little volume, as the season started early due to the high temperatures in November and February, which, on the other hand, did not affect the good quality of the tubers or of their expected size. However, from week 17 onwards the production volumes have been larger.
MateuExport’s commercial lines have historically been closely linked to England and Scandinavia. More recently, Germany and the Eastern Bloc countries have joined its client portfolio.
“However, the drop in demand from the English market has been in evidence for several years now and I think that the lowering price trend demanded by the English supermarkets cannot be borne by Majorcan businesses”

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