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Potatoes from Murcia, already in markets

Approximately 40,000 of extra-early potatoes will be collected in Campo de Cartagena.
The harvest features good levels of quality and is running smoothly. Out of the total production, almost 20,000 tons will reach Europe’s hypermarkets.
In order to safeguard this crop, one of the year’s first European harvests, the Department of Agriculture has established a phytosanitary surveillance protocol, so that farmers should immediately notify the authorities if they see any symptoms of pests, especially the so-called “potato flea” or Epitrix. This preventive measure is designed to protect a crop that is creating wealth.
On the other hand, in the earliest-producing area of Andalusia, in the provinces of Cordoba and Seville, the harvest that was expected two weeks early was slowed down due to the frosts of February 17, and the important turnovers of produce reached markets in late April and early May.
Moreover, these turnovers that initially appeared to be larger, will be equal to or slightly larger than last year’s due to such climatological incidents.
Exports to the United Kingdom. This preferential destination for Spanish potatoes has recently updated its phytosanitary protocol for imports and requires that all incoming produce be washed and brushed, unfeasible processes in the case of new potatoes due to their fragile skin. All of this as a result of the Epitrix blight. Only the Balearic Islands’ early production, which has historically targeted this market, still has guaranteed access.
The Spanish market, which has a clear deficit in potatoes, imports long-lasting potatoes from France almost all year and these now dominate Spanish markets, almost always at a better price than recently harvested local potatoes. This situation has led to an important decrease in the crop in the last two decades.
Inter-Professional Potato Association. The regional government of Castile and Leon has taken the first steps to unblocking the establishment of an Inter-Professional Potato Association, a tool encompassing the interests of producers and distributors.
The regional administration’s goal is to have at least 51% of producers negotiate a single candidacy made up of professional agricultural organisations. And in the case of the transformative and marketing sector, it should choose the association that best defends its interests.

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