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Mulder Onions, on an international scale

The Dutch company sells onions in more than fifty markets all over the world.
René Vanwersch, Mulder’s sales manager, tells Fruit Today that his company does not want to work in a certain market, “since concentrating our product in specific destinations involves a high risk. Our diversification is what has kept us as an important operator.”
In the second half of the season, the export turnover towards West Africa decreased significantly, above all in Ivory Coast and Mauritania. For their part, Senegal and Gambia had an imbalance in their export turnover between the first and second half of the season.
In the American market, Brazil has bought smaller quantities in Holland and the company is waiting to evaluate the season.
In relation to the level of prices, the manager explains that “prices have stayed relatively high so that, due to the large capacity of Holland’s packing stations, the farmer has been paid more than the actual sale price.”
Quality has experienced several ups and downs during the season. At the beginning it was optimum, followed by some problems with heat and spots, which were soon overcome.
Not many changes are expected in the new season. Estimates to date do not point to an early start to the campaign, since spring is proving to be relatively cool.
“Our business objective involves keeping a high level of quality in our produce and enabling Dutch onions to reach every corner of the world, because the logistical advantage that we have is a privileged platform that we must make the most of,” the manger concludes.

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