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Intersemillas has presented its watermelon catalogue in Almeria. Amongst its latest incorporations are the triploids Cálida F1 (black) and Cebra F1 (striped)

In El Ejido, Intersemillas presented its range of produce with different typologies in all the sizes with a common denominator: internal quality. And the fact is that, as its slogan states, they are committed to ‘Quality and Improvement following Tradition’. In total, they have 14 commercial varieties.

The latest incorporation is Cálida F1. It is a black triploid, medium-sized (around 4.5 kg) that is characterised by its very dark coloured skin and important uniformity of the fruit. The company’s Development Manager, Claudio Vidal, qualifies it as “the darling” in its segment and it is perfect both for cultivation under glass and in the open air.

Another new development is Reina Negra F1, which has been on sale for the past two years. As with Cálida F1, it is a black triploid, but large (7.5 kg on average). Its dark black skin has stripes in the same shade, whilst its flesh has a good level of Brix degrees, characteristics that are completed with good agronomic aspects.

Amongst the striped triploids Cebra F1 and Reina Linda F1 stand out. The stripes on the first one are darker and it is slightly larger (between 6 and 7 kg compared to the 5-6 kg of Reina Linda F1). “On a market as competitive as the watermelon one, having a variety like this means an advantage, because on markets such as Germany, quality is highly valued and very well paid,” the executive points out. On the other hand, Reina Linda F1 has reached a position on the market thanks to its excellent germination and early ripening. “Being able to harvest it a week before other varieties means greater commercial value.” Its very firm flesh shows a great resistance to over-ripeness and it is perfect for export.

During the event, visitors could discover other varieties such as Mini Micro F1, the company’s first micro-seed, with stripy peel and a size of between 1.5-1.7 kg, which is becoming the most popular for ecological crops and Graciosa F1, a reference in yellow-fleshed watermelons.

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