Mercabarna’s sales are on the rise thanks to fruit and vegetables

This record is due to the extraordinary growth in the fruit and vegetable area, which includes the central market and the fruit and vegetable growing companies in the ZAC

Last year Mercabarna registered a sales record in the Central Market of Fruit and Vegetables: 1,176,292 tonnes, 2.3% more than in 2017.

Likewise, the companies in the Complementary Activities Zone (ZAC in its Spanish acronym) that market fruit and vegetables registered a sales volume that rose to 740,567 tonnes, also meaning a 2.9% growth compared to 2017.

Therefore, in 2018 Mercabarna’s fruit and vegetable sector marketed: 2,016,295 tonnes.

So far this year, Mercabarna’s fruit and vegetable sector continues to grow. Up to the 30th of June, in the Fruit and Vegetable Central Market alone they had already marketed 607,900,145 tonnes, 1.07% more than in 2018.

Less favourable are the average prices, which dropped by 1.9% to 0.89 euros per kilo.


Fruit grew by 2.4% in marketed volume and by 3.8% in the average price. In absolute values, this is translated into the sale of 537,291 tonnes of fruit at an average price of 1.17 €/kg.


The importance of vegetables continues to grow in the market as a whole, having sold 4.2% more than in 2017. In total, 623,847 tonnes have been sold at 0.60 €/kg, the same average amount recorded in the previous financial year. The increase in sales of cucumbers (+9.4%), aubergines (+7.5%) and Perona or flat green beans (+32.5%) stands out in particular.

 Spanish products represent 72.6% of the total marketed, 1.5% more than in the previous financial year. The remaining 27.4% is imported produce.


Export continues to be one of the main commercial assets of the wholesale market because it brings together products from the five continents, which makes it extraordinarily easy for a global offer to be supplied, which is taken advantage of by many European wholesalers and retailers, due to the good logistic services from this geographical point. Exports at Mercabarna make up 35% of the total produce marketed.

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