Reactiva is teaming up with Zerya


They have recently signed an agreement to be the quality brand’s partner laboratory

In September, Reactiva became the new partner laboratory for Zerya, the quality brand in pesticide residue-free farming production systems. But what do we understand as pesticide residue-free farming production systems? The system establishes that it is suitable for any farming produce with an analytical quantification below 0.01 ppm, accepting the lower values detected of authorised active substances.

The safety periods indicate that a correct handling of the plant protection product guarantees that the detected values of the active substances included in the composition will be below the maximum residue levels (MRLs), therefore, ensuring that it is completely safe for consumers to eat the produce.

The Zerya regulation establishes maximum values that are below the MRLs, establishing the limit at 0.01 mg/kg, a level that coincides with the general laboratory quantification limit and the value that the EU establishes by default for the authorisation of an active substance.

For Pablo Castillo, sales manager at Reactiva, this partnership is aimed at “responding to the interest shown by our clients in farming production using the zero residue protocol. More and more clients are asking us about the zero residue farming production systems. Zerya offers a quality brand that guarantees the traceability and Independence of the analytical results, giving producers sufficient freedom.”

The laboratories have a very important role in Zery’s scheme, intervening independently in the sample-taking in the fields using a specific protocol that provides added value to their participation. Reactiva has incorporated the Zerya protocol to its annual training plan, instructing the laboratory personnel and sampling technicians in the application of the zero residue scheme in their daily tasks.

About Reactiva

A member of the Groupe Carso, it is the laboratory that is specialised in the analysis of pesticides and other contaminants in fruit and vegetables, microbiology and agronomic analysis for Spain and Portugal.

It holds the main quality certificates (ENAC, QS…) and offers a wide range of services in analytics and consulting for produce control from start to finish, offering complete confidence and independence to its clients.

Located in Almeria, it has branches in Lerida, Valencia and Murcia. For further information, please visit its web site: or contact them directly on tel.: 950 38 66 39.

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