Red apricots will be a trend

Last year Mogalla SAT increased the apricot crop surface area of the varieties Colorado and Mogador, the first ones to be harvested, owing to the increase in demand by customers. For this year, the new proposal is for the future and the fact is that they foresee red apricots becoming a trend on the markets; therefore they have decided to start planting this type of produce.

Daniel Blanco, sales manager from Mogalla, is advancing that during this financial year they foresee reaching 1,200 tonnes of apricots, including the varieties Mogador, Colorado, Luca, Flodea, Flopria and Latika, and around 300 tonnes of flat peaches of the Carioca variety. Last year the company from Huelva changed its strategy regarding flat peaches, a product which, as with persimmons, has been experiencing a glut on the market year after year. “The markets are flooded, meaning very little profitability for the farmers. This is the reason we decided to opt more for apricots, a fruit that we control better both agriculturally and commercially”, Blanco explains.

Another of the crops that the company is pushing the most is the pomegranate. In total, they have 240 hectares of this product, with which they hope to reach a production of approximately 7,000 tonnes for 2019.


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