Smooth and curly: new endives from Clause

The seed company HM.Clause has developed two new varieties of endive. The first one, CLX1082 (Aranza*), is a smooth endive for October transplanting. It is characterized by its great robustness and an outstanding homogeneity during harvesting. And on a qualitative level, it is worth mentioning its “excellent white heart”. Additionally, it brings “important yield and behaves well against fringing”, Pedro Moya, Promotion and Development Technician for the South Eastern Area explains.

The second variety, CLX1110 (Lesly*), is a curly endive for the same planting dates. With “good robustness, high yield and a very good white rate”; its rustic plant behaves well against rot and burnt edges.

Both materials have the most sought after characteristics by the producers for varieties with mid-winter harvesting: resistance to rot and good behaviour against burnt edges, high yield, a good white rate and in the case of curly endive, a curl that reaches the end of the petiole in order to be able to use as much of the produce as possible.

* Note: Variety in the process of registration, with provisional sales authorisation.


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