Takii Seeds presents its new developments

In February, the seed company Takii presented its catalogue of broccoli, cabbage and tomato varieties. The first seminar took place in Murcia. There, the participants, having arrived from Spain, Egypt, Turkey, Lebanon, Yemen, the United Kingdom, Portugal… were able to discover varieties within the cabbage segment, with emphasis being placed on flavour: kohlrabi for export to Germany, cabbage, curly Savoy cabbage, flat cabbages such as Green Rich F1 or the TI16 that will be on sale next year, round cabbages and broccoli. In the last case, the Thunder Dome F1 stood out, a plant that is characterised by its strong root system and resistance (it may be grown on depleted land, with nematode problems); it does not accumulate any anthocyanins, encouraging the fruit to be homogenous in colour, a highly attractive green. Its head has a “mushroom” shape, it is compact (it weighs between 10-12% more than other plants on the market) and it has a very fine grain. For all these reasons, it is perfect for fresh sales and thanks to the shape of its heads; it is also suitable for industry. The accounts and product manager, Jaime Dols explains that, although Thunder Dome has been particularly designed for the coldest months, “it can be harvested in the autumn and the end of the winter, towards spring.”

During the tomato seminar, held in Almeria, Motto F1 was displayed, a highly resistant vine tomato, with uniform, attractively coloured fruits and an excellent shelf life (ideal for marketing in distant destinations); and information was advanced about the new pre-sales varieties that are in the testing phase. “For loose tomatoes, there is TRF78, a G tomato that is giving good results and will be marketed in the spring of 2018,” explained the assistant sales manager, Ana Portero. Barbarian F1, for short cycle, “sets very well, its plant is appreciative and has GG calibre.” Its flavour and post-harvest life complete the characteristics of this tomato that has already been on the market since this springtime.

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