The FB30 packaging machine and the ‘3 Rs’

Induser is going for sustainability with a bag packaging machine that reduces plastic use

The company is launching onto the market its new version of a packaging machine for pre-shaped bags with zipper or heatsealing closures. This new machine, christened as the FB30, has been created as an alternative to packaging that traditionally presented fruit on trays covered in flowpack plastic (between 8 and 12 g of plastic). The bag packaging machine works with formats that use between 4-5g of plastic, meaning a reduction of up to 50% of plastic material, as the tray is removed.

Cherry tomatoes, peppers, stone fruit and cherries are some of the fruit that adapt best to this type of packaging, which also appreciably improves product visibility on the supermarket shelves. Another important advantage of these bags is their zipper closures, which improve the shelf life of the fruit, as the bag can be closed again after each use, keeping the characteristics of the fruit intact. This is translated into a lower carbon footprint, as less waste is produced.

This commitment to sustainability is in relation to the ‘3Rs’ rule (reduce, reuse and recycle), which Induser has joined, using its R&D in support of the environment.

Prior to this, it launched a line of horizontal packaging machines: mixed for multi-products, particularly designed for cherry and kumato tomatoes, as well as for Canary and plum tomatoes, with extra-delicate treatment, associative weighing and a multi-format system with triple dispensing and filling.

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