The new Sandía Foodie is here

Sandía Foodie

The brand follows in the wake of the Melón de Autor and is being sold exclusively at some of the main supermarkets

The watermelon campaign arrives this year with a new premium brand that intends to make a niche for itself on the market due to its flavour. Its promoters, farming producers who are already known for the quality of another brand name fruit, Melón de Autor, have wanted to follow in its wake with Sandía Foodie. It is a seedless, black watermelon that stands out due to its great quality, particularly with regard to its organoleptic characteristics. “It has a very sweet, crunchy, hard bite, but with a water content that generates a true explosion of flavour.”

The first supermarket trials exceeded all expectations and from the beginning of April they have already started marketing it exclusively on some of the main chains.

In order to have maximum availability on the supermarket shelves (over around 8 months), they have productions from sources such as Senegal, at the start of the campaign, and Brazil, at the end, always selecting the fruit in terms of the highest quality standards. But Almeria, Murcia and Castilla-La Mancha are where they will be strongest and where they will mark the difference.

Content and structure

Sandía Foodie has been born as a brand from a prior experience in gourmet melon and starting from this premise, it continues to follow a high-quality line. “If you don’t meet the market’s standards, it kicks you out. You can’t sell a quality product at the wrong price, nor can you overrate a product because it is premium, or exceed certain volumes… the brands are for minorities, which doesn’t mean to say that you exclude anybody, but if you want to do it properly (give it a final touch, the perfect selection…) you must contain the volumes.”

It has a very dynamic image and the launch campaign stars the members of a family, the ‘Foodies’, who love a healthy lifestyle and the pleasure of eating well. Different stories are told through them in a daring advertising campaign that will be full of prize draws and surprises for followers. Further details can be found on the web site


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