“The region is still forgotten”

Novofrut is criticising the neglect by Public Administrations, which continue to not promote the infrastructures needed to channel the water from Béznar and Rules.

“In many aspects, mainly on the subject of water, both Granada and the rest of Andalusia continue to be forgotten regions.” This is the categorical statement made by the Sales Manager at Novofrut, José Francisco Novo, who urges the different Administrations to get down to work to revitalise the agricultural sector, which needs basic infrastructures such as water channelling from the Béznar and Rules reservoirs. Without this, growth is not possible. “There are no projects to increase productivity in agriculture or in any other sector. With water and resources, the production of the existing farms could be increased and many jobs could be generated on new plantations. On the Tropical Coast, we have large amounts of land and water, but we cannot use them due to a lack of infrastructures. And in the meantime, the resources we have are over used.”

The company, specialising in tropical fruit crops, is facing up to the mango campaign with good expectations, both in kilos and in prices. The harvest started in September with Osteen with an extra 10% in volume. They also hope to have more production of other fruit (avocados, custard apples) with the entry into production of 8 hectares of crops.

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