Aguacatera del Sur is extending its range

The company from Malaga will close 2021 with over 20 million € in invoicing and 11 million kg marketed, projecting a growth of +15% in both areas for next year, according to the Financial Manager, Patricia Cid.

In this campaign, Compañía Aguacatera del Sur has taken a step further in customer services with the addition of new products present on their “shopping list.” However, the company’s core business is and will continue to be, ripening and marketing avocados and mangos.

“Our forecasts involve growing within limits. But these limits could be imposed by a global growth in the offer. We have to be responsible to be able to efficiently handle the volumes we are committed to, but also to take part in the improved organisation of the market, helping to channel it,” indicates the Sales Manager, Óscar Martínez.

In a complicated year logistically-speaking due to the effects of the pandemic, the company has opted for working with the largest number of shipping companies possible to avoid delays in the transit times. “We knew it was coming, due to the situation in the USA and China. There have been specific weeks when the arrivals have been very high due to these logistical situations, which obviously have put an important pressure on the prices. The quality has also been affected due to the delay in departures at source and the connections,” Miguel Loayza, Imports and Purchasing Manager, explains.

“We think that the development and growth of the market goes hand in hand with the growth in areas with commercially important plantations; it is clear that these areas are already appearing in Morocco and in regions in Cadiz and Portugal.”




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