“There will be no supply problems”

J. Maria Naranjo

At Tany Nature, they guarantee that whatever happens in Europe, there will be no supply problems from Extremadura

The company from Extremadura, Tany Nature has become a top worldwide reference, not only due to its track record and accredited experience on all the markets, but also for laying down its strategies in three concepts: economic sustainability, social sustainability and environmental sustainability, values which the company have turned into a life philosophy, where their commitment to the countryside is their hallmark.

José María Naranjo, Head of Marketing and Markets at Tany Nature, believes that “we are getting close to a scenario where clients are opting for safe companies, which guarantee their clients’ demands, with a determined strategy for sustainability and producing quality fruit.” In his opinion, the changes in the weather conditions suffered by Northern Europe in recent years, have put Extremadura in a privileged place for fruit growing and above all, they have made it into a safe bet regarding production and quality: “Europe as a whole has suffered problems with the weather, with seasonal changes that have not been good for fruit production or its quality, and this has caused concern on the markets, which are worried about guaranteeing supplies, within reasonable trade margins, and without any ups and downs. On the other hand, last year there was very little production and then there was a winter with some very suitable cold temperatures, therefore the trees are very relaxed. This has meant that we now have top-quality fruit. We have also had a very mild spring, except for the frosts. This circumstance has been translated into the fact that our brand is producing the best quality fruit that it has had in recent years. Furthermore, the production has been correct, which guarantees the clients we have worked with all our lifetime will not be short of the fruit they need, at any point. We are ready and able to guarantee that, in spite of the fact that things are looking very bad in Europe, there are not going to be any problems in supplying the markets.”

For Tany Nature, fruit has always been shown to be a true economic driver, preventing the depopulation of country areas and creating around 1.5 million jobs per hectare. However, in recent years it has been a sector that has been mistreated, affected by the crisis of the competition between producers and prices that remain unchangeable, in spite of expenses that have increased by up to 35% in salaries and a rise of up to 18% in raw materials. This has also been translated into the disappearance of over 14,000 hectares of crop land, with more than 6,000 being abandoned since 2019, which has meant the loss of over 21,000 jobs: “We are entering a dangerous game where the productions have been regulated by supply and demand alone, which in the end makes everything depend on the sale price. We must urgently generate a generation shift in the way we think,” Naranjo asserts.

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