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The company is developing co-breeding programmes with seed companies from the JVS group, of which it forms part

A few weeks ago, the seed company Top Seeds announced a new project: its incorporation to improvement programmes in new crops such as Broccoli and Onions, which are added to the developments that have already been carried out in Tomatoes, Peppers and Cucumbers.

The company is developing co-breeding programmes with several seed companies established in Japan that belong to the JVS group (Japanese Vegetable Seeds).

“All of them, including Top Seeds, form part of the seed division recently created by Mitsui&co, therefore it is really a permanent collaboration that will continue to grow and get stronger,” according to Ángel Pelegrina, manager of Top Seeds in Spain and Portugal.

“Furthermore, we have improvement programmes that are very advanced and competitive that have not had the chance to compare their adaptability in geographical regions such as ours and, at Top Seeds, we also have our own material and programmes. Therefore, the idea is to optimise our efforts and move forward together. We are not starting out completely from scratch.”

Crops such as Broccoli or Onions have many common points regarding agronomical requirements and quality standards or marketing in any part of the world and from the very beginning at Top Seeds they have found varieties with important potential that could provide solutions and alternatives to materials that are already on the market. “We are certain that we will be able to present them in the very near future.”

Regarding Peppers, Tomatoes and Cucumbers, they will show a new generation of products very soon that will be launched in the autumn of next year, which they promise will catch the attention of the specialists from the sector. “We have strengthened the team. We already have new breeders in Cucumbers and Peppers in Almeria and very soon we will have extra reinforcement in improvement for Tomatoes; we have a clear commitment to continue evolving and bringing value to our farmers.”

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