Yuksel Seeds: ‘Specialists in flavour’


At Fruit Attraction the company will showcase its new variety developments in tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers

 Stand 9F11A will be where Yuksel Seeds, an international company from Turkey, puts its centre of operations at Fruit Attraction. With a consolidated and prestigious career in seed research and production, the company is working on improvements for varieties of tomato, pepper, aubergine, cucumber, melon and watermelon, amongst others, using its presence at the fair to showcase its main new developments with flavour as its key innovation line, to which high production and long conservation are added. This commitment is shown in the slogan: ‘Specialists in flavour.’

At the fair, they will present Bohol, a short cucumber for spring and summer and Sweet Pointed Princessa, a pepper that will give everyone something to talk about due to its sweetness, along with the company’s tomatoes. A special mention needs to be given to this crop, as they have a wide range with grooved, ‘marmande’ types and plum tomatoes, a segment in which Yuksel Seeds is a reference on the main chains with Marcus and another 32 varieties.

Present in over 75 countries, the company is characterised by the time and devotion it invests in each variety, allocating hefty investments to R&D: “We work on the materials that best adapt to both greenhouse and open-air cultivation, guaranteeing flavour, differentiation and productivity.” They also work with a ‘co-creation’ model with different agents on the chain of value. Well-known brands such as Cassarosa®, pearly-pink coloured, grooved tomatoes with firm flesh and excellent conservation are a result of this work, bringing “a unique aspect that allows them to be very easily differentiated” and “a unique flavour that consumers remember.” Regarding cucumbers, they have a broad range that are leaders all over the world, with short varieties (Bohol and Bonachón), Beta-Alpha mini (Boracay), long (Kaneko) or American slicer (Vedras).

In aubergines, they take advantage of their Turkish roots to export their experience and quality products to other markets: striped and plain varieties, tear-shaped, round, mini long and special types for barbecuing, in addition to the more common varieties.

Other ‘star products’ are their Sweet Pointed peppers with the Princessa brand, the Blocky pepper and specialities such as Hungarian-type white peppers and semi-spicy snacks, amongst others.

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