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Vicente Peris begins its national campaign of 18 Quilates and Vicentín melons


The Valencian company has started the national campaign of its 18 Quilates and Vicentín gourmet melons, which account for 17% of its melon production.

Only the best melons from its top-quality batches are included in these brands, which obliges them to pass a triple selection in both the harvesting and processing phases. In fact, last year, out of a total melon production of 4.45 million kilos, only 16%, around half a million kilos, were branded as Vicentín, and a select production of just 48,000 milos were marketed under the 18 Quilates brand.

In order to pass the strict quality control, the melons must weigh more than three kilos, be dense, firm, with a good shape and high Brix rating. In tastings, these melons have a firm, ivory-colour pulp; they are intense and aromatically elegant, with vanilla herbal notes, juicy and very sweet.

“There are some seasons when we cannot fulfil any orders for Vicentín or 18 Quilates melons, due to the available varieties, their origin or seasonal nature,” declares Alberto Montaña, general director of Vicente Peris.

Peris’ nationally produced melons are grown outdoors in Murcia and Castile-La Mancha. The season’s first melons come from the Campo de Cartagena region, where Peris has its fields of sandy soil next to the sea, which are well structured with pools and efficient watering systems.

The rest of the production is marketed under its Peris Dolce Gold, Peris Dolce Premium and Peris brands.

This year, the company expects to increase its Santa Claus melon production by 10% compared to last year, which would amount to a production of 4.95 million kilos. The main market will be Spain, in addition to other European countries such as France, Germany and Belgium.

Eighty-five per cent of Peris’ total annual production corresponds to fresh food and the other 15% to ready-prepared foods, being used to package peeled melon chunks and melon with cured ham, both of which are reading for eating. The ready-prepared food category also features shrink-wrapped half-melons, whose consumption has increased in recent years.

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