“We have specialised in express sales”

15 years ago the Catalan company changed its business strategy and focused all its resources and personnel on international trade

The company’s business moved from the more traditional European routes to Northern Africa and the former Soviet countries, from Latvia to Uzbekistan, without any possible destination standing out.

Today, it is quite normal to sell one lorry-load to Azerbaijan and another to Turkey. A curious formula that has a great deal to do with its top executive’s impetuosity and optimism, and who always has his sights set on the future instead of the present.“The speed at which things happen means that we cannot remain oblivious to the changes society demands. If you cannot look ahead to your business project in three years’ time, you are not going to get anywhere. At Diego Martínez, we have done our homework, but we are still committed to improving the technology, the cold rooms, etc. We are open to new changes. We are passionate about what we do.”

One of the peculiarities of the 15 stands, along with the two warehouses that Diego Martínez owns, is their characteristic layout. They are different because they display all the goods on pallets and, visually, they look to be overflowing, giving clients the chance to walk around and check the goods and load them up immediately. “Delivery times are a very important factor in this business: what you load in the morning, to go to Italy or France, will be on sale in the different markets of Northern Italy and Southern France in the early hours of the following morning,” the executive stresses.

A never-ending purchase range

Mercabarna has over 2 km of fruit on display and this is truly extraordinary. “The best point is that you can find products from the five continents and, at the same time, attend to the 7 million consumers all over Catalonia. The range of purchase possibilities is never-ending.”

At Mercabarna, the offer is endless and we all benefit from it. “If a company pulls the market, but the others just sit back and relax, that would not be a very good market,” Diego Martínez comments.

“The market’s management has always been very open and alert to all the possibilities that might arise. There is a very positive synergy. I think that it is amazing to be able to walk through these panelled stands, fitted with air conditioning, lit up and signed, etc. We breathe in optimism.”

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