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Cooperativa La Palma, 50 unstoppable years

Another surprise at Fruit Attraction 2022: the celebration of its 50th anniversary.
Granada la palma V Gama

Non-stop cooperating, innovating, generating wealth and social improvement. Non-stop commitment to the future, to the planet and to people. 50 years that have pushed La Palma, award-winner as the Best Spanish Cooperative at the 6th Edition of the Spanish Agri-food Cooperative Awards, towards a true food revolution, through its innovative and extraordinary fresh produce that continue to surprise the market.

Its Amela® tomato has received the most prestigious global horticulture award: the Fruit Logistic Innovation Award 2022. It continues to be committed to its magnificent selection of top-quality vegetables, with which it is the leader in the Mini-Vegetable range with a wide variety of speciality tomatoes, snack cucumbers and snack peppers. And with new proposals for flavourful tomatoes with nutritional benefits. As well as an extensive line of Subtropical fruits made up of custard apples, avocados and mangos, to which it has now incorporated pitayas, passion fruit and citrus caviar.

Additionally, it is immersed in the development of its Ready-cooked Premium Line, La Parcela®, a spearhead for its R&D commitment, composed of delicious 100% natural preparations based on its fresh produce, presented in innovative formats, such as vegetable red tuna fish “Tunato”; Vegan hamburgers; Dehydrated vegetables and Vegetable sauces.

Its end goal goes way beyond this: building a better farming system to obtain new, efficient, sustainable and healthy products and concepts that meet the latest food requirements. To do this, they are moving forward in an innovative 3S&D strategy under the premises of Sustainability, Health, Flavour and Digitalisation.

Its Sustainability 2030 Plan implements pioneering plans in the Spanish agricultural sector, such as the Green Energy Project, centred on the use of sun power for the development of a 100% renewable and efficient energy. This has allowed a de-centralised, fair, efficient and collaborative energy model to be created, from which its over 700 farmer associates benefit. A way of developing a farming method that is more environmental-friendly, committed and supportive towards the climate challenge.

Parallel to this, Cooperativa La Palma concentrates on investing in the modernisation of developments and sustainable farming practices to optimise its production. Implementing steps that guarantee water saving, use of renewable energy sources and biological control.


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