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“Increased use of rootstock: it is now an absolute necessity”

In Almeria and on the Granada coast approximately 70% of the surface area of tomatoes is grafted, and in Murcia this well-known technique is increasing.
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The use of rootstocks is spreading in tomato crops, and it has become a “necessity” to counteract the reduction in active materials and optimise the crop, particularly in tired soils. In Almeria and the Coast of Granada it already takes up 70% of the surface area. A rising trend, according to Juan Carlos Fernández, Head of Rootstocks at DeRuiter®, from Vegetables by Bayer.

The importance of rootstock has been recognised in all areas of farming, as it is a very efficient, clean technique that has no environmental impact. It is an important support for farmers, as it reduces the number of plants/ha and it guarantees the crop at a reasonable cost. With greater root strength, the grafted plants absorb more water and nutrients in a more effective way.

Bayer is the leader of the segment with its brand De Ruiter, which has been a synonym for innovation, quality and profitability for over 60 years, when it launched rootstocks, becoming a pioneer on this subject. In its extensive catalogue there are consolidated varieties such as Beaufort (low vigour), Multifort (medium) and Maxifort (high), with its new generation, with greater resistance to nematodes and an improved root system, such as DR0141TX, with greater vigour and Vitalfort.

“These solutions provide greater resistance to nematodes and other pathogens, improved plant health to face up to any stressful situation, greater root strength and uniformity, along with greater adaptability to different cycles, types of varieties, substrates, etc.” All advantages that help farmers with the handling and give them greater security and yield.

Today, the most popular segment is the high-superior vigour for long cycles and varieties, with medium-low vigour for crops with high water conductivity, tired soils… In these cases, DR0141TX and Vitalfort are the best options.

Control Prime: a nematicide solution for tomatoes

In May, Bayer presented Control Prime, a nematicide solution for greenhouse tomato crops. It combines solarisation, genetics, innovative products and digital tools that provide protection and improve the rooting and health of the crops. The De Ruiter® rootstocks are one of the four pillars of this strategy, in which Velum®, BioAct® and Nematool® are included.

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