Voltz Maraîchage, in the heart of the countryside

Voltz Maraîchage is a branch of the company Graines Voltz, specialising in the sale of conventional and bio seeds

Voltz is a French brand with over 30 years of history, based on product diversification and on the constant search for adapted varieties. Its philosophy, which mixes passion for the product and customer service, may be translated into a constant evolution to be able to offer farmers the perfect range.

Since its beginnings back in 1985, Serge Voltz, the son of seed sales representatives in the centre of Colmar and founder of the company, had a very clear vision. He wanted to create an independent seed company that responded to the expectations of the fruit and vegetable growers, proposing a broad, diverse offer both for ecological and conventional crops. All of this, with the same level of quality and security of supply.

The result today is a brand that is in a full international expansion phase, with presence in countries such as France, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Italy or Morocco, and with over 750 ecological seed varieties and 2,000 for conventional crops.

A company that has not stopped growing, but which also has never forgotten the values that led to its international expansion: proximity and customer service. And the fact is that the team at Voltz Maraîchage is very clear that the one-to-one relationship with farmers and the human factor are essential to always be able to offer the product that best adapts to each client’s needs and circumstances. In Spain, the technical-commercial team has in-depth knowledge about the characteristics of the soils, the weather conditions and the most suitable varieties, which allows them to offer their support throughout the year.

A formula that has made them stand out with species as popular in the fields as parsley, basil, beans, pumpkins or chives. Also positioning them as a highly appreciated brand by farmers on the medium and short circuit, as well as organic specialist producers, thanks to the exhaustive personalisation of their service.

Another of the company’s particularities is the capacity to listen and adapt, which has allowed the company to become a leading distributor, well-known on the French market.

In order to respond to clients’ expectations and to the evolution of the market, the company is constantly exploring the world looking for the best varieties. Trials are always carried out to validate and guarantee the correct marketing of their products.

For the sake of offering an increasing number of services, Voltz Maraîchage opted for the digitalisation of its direct sales channels. The company is one of the few seed companies that offers online sales to acquire their products. Through www.voltz-maraichage.es, its corporate web site with all kinds of information about the company, the team and their work philosophy, farmers on the medium and short circuits can access the brand’s ecommerce and acquire their seeds, choosing them according to the variety, amount and type of crop. Proximity and reactivity are at the centre of this new tool that provides a level of service that is equivalent to that offered by a sales representative (orders dispatched in 48 hours, stocks checked when making the order, etc.).


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