“It is easier to price Piel de Sapo”

HM.Clause, the world leader in melons, continues adding hectares with Valdemar F1, the successor to Valverde F1
clause David González

The agricultural region of Adra is a synonym for quality in Piel de Sapo melons. At the start of the campaign, many brands are opting for the coastal area for acquiring melons with a “guarantee of flavour and quality” in this type, thanks to the orographic characteristics and the weather conditions of this spot, in addition to the producers’ good know-how, who specialise in this type of crop.

David González, a sales technician delegate at HM.Clause, the world-leading company in melon seeds, guarantees that, compared to other typologies, “farmers can defend Piel de Sapo melons better and price them in their greenhouses.” Particularly in the case of premium varieties such as Valverde F1, the leader in Almeria in its segment, or its ‘successor’, Valdemar F1.

After its launch last year, the new variety has obtained approval from the brands, since it follows the same quality line as Valverde F1, adding resistance to powdery mildew and an earlier harvest (it is between 7 and 10 days ahead of its predecessor).

HM.Clause continues developing materials in the Valverde F1 line and it has other varieties in its portfolio such as Minimel, a speciality ‘mini’ Piel de Sapo for export, weighing approximately 1 kg and that maintains the traditional texture and flavour of the larger varieties.

Two new developments in Murcia

José Miguel Reyes, Communication Manager, advances that in the Region of Murcia, this year the launch of Mirlo F1 stands out, a yellow melon for sowing from the end of April and May. This material is characterised by offering a high Brix level, in addition to very good flavour and a very eye-catching yellow colour.

Another introduction by HM.Clause in the fields of Murcia is Valdeoro F1, a Piel de Sapo melon for sowing in April that is already seeing a very good response from clients. As with the other materials from HM. Clause’s Piel de Sapo melon portfolio, Valdeoro F1 stands out due to its good flavour and high Brix level, as well as for its good grooving and high production.


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