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Lainco changes its corporate image

Lainco presents a new corporate image that combines all the values represented by the company through a new logo.

LAINCO was founded in 1934, is a company with more than 80 years of experience that endorse its commitment to the birth and care of life, protecting it from all perspectives.

After 88 years of history, LAINCO  presents a new external projection through the creation of a new logo that combines all the values of the company since its foundation. Under the claim, “Protecting life since 1934”, they intend to reinforce the company’s slogan with a tagline that responds to the need to continue working and evolving in the different lines of innovation and research, as well as to reinforce its internal positioning through trust, life and experience, values reflected in this claim.

LAINCO‘s new visual identity continues to preserve the company’s strategic lines, maintaining the corporate colors, blue and yellow, but with a more intense tone, which brings character, security, and stability to its image.

With this new logo, the company projects a more sustainable, modern, and committed image that reflects the growth of the company, with the purpose of continuing to advance in the development of solutions, as well as betting on quality and technological innovation in its two areas of work: agro and pharma.

The company aims to meet new challenges by anticipating and adapting to internal and external needs in a flexible and fluid way, to achieve efficiency and strengthen its commitment through cooperation, where teamwork, based on excellent communication, is one of the values on which the company is committed.

Likewise, working on environmental awareness becomes another of the company’s priorities, assuming the need to comply with sustainability, adapting its products and different processes.

This corporate change will culminate in the presentation of a new and innovative website ( in the coming weeks.

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