10.000 tn of potatoes left in the warehouses

patata agria uccl

In Castilla y León, there is a build up of around 10,000 tonnes of potatoes that should have been used in industry and the Horeca channel and that with the COVID-19 crisis have been left in the warehouses.

The closure of bars, restaurants and communities has caused this situation, which as of today still has no solution. And even less so, at a time when the new harvests from Southern Spain are just starting.

This production was free and not subject to contracts, therefore the crisis has seriously affected it. The only use for this produce is as food for charity centres and solidarity activities, as neither industry, nor supermarkets can accept potatoes that no longer meet quality requirements. Another possibility might be the re-opening of local markets, which to date are still banned throughout the country.

Most of the stored potatoes belong to the Agria variety, a high-quality potato, particularly for the frying segment, but with an appearance that is less attractive for consumers.

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