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Agro Selections Fruits, an example of renewal

The French company is highly interested in its new varieties being as resistant as possible

“The world is changing very fast and we as breeders must listen to the consumers’ interests, which basically means requests of health and wellbeing, therefore the reduction of any treatment on the trees must be really taken to heart,” Laurence Maillard, owner of the company explains.

Local production will be another of the important vectors for research. “European consumers want fruit that is produced as close as possible to where they live due to environmental and social responsibility questions. In France, this is a question that has clearly been undertaken.”

The goal is to obtain different ranges of the same fruit that are profitable for the producer and that are adaptable to all the levels of the chain (long shelf life, less wastage), but without ever forgetting the guarantee of taste for consumers. “It must be understood that a successful new variety on the market needs around 10 to 12 years of research. Our next challenge will be flat nectarines.”

This year the company is taking on new markets through distribution organised in Portugal with the Sonae Group and in Switzerland with Migros. In France, the REGAL’IN™ fruit is upholding its high market penetration power throughout the range.

Regarding the dynamism of the Spanish market, the executive believes that “the large companies are interested in continuing to plant and innovate in round fruit, as well as in flat peaches, where the start of a new cycle is being seen since many plantations have become obsolete.”

The success of REGAL’IN™ is based on the offer of the same flavour and presentation from the season’s start to finish, with a post-harvest life of up to 30 days by ship, an aspect that has meant ASF’s fruit has been successful both in Chile and in South Africa, and is highly valued when dealing with the long export times to Asia.

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