Frutas E. Sánchez: greater flexibility and concentration in operations


Since October, a macro building of 12,000m² has housed the new headquarters of Frutas E. Sánchez in Mercamadrid, where the company has concentrated all its operations.

The installations include three floors above ground and a basement that is made up of two areas: one for a car park and another for the technological rooms, such as cold storage and fire fighting equipment.

The three floors are, in turn, divided up by activities: on the first floor the dispatching is carried out (with 16 bays that work by time periods) and the warehouse (with a capacity of 3 million kilos); the second floor holds all the fruit handling and preparation services, and the top floor, made up of open-plan, extensive office space, is used for the company’s administration and sales area.

The new construction, which is eye-catching due to its impressive spaciousness and minimalist design, allows the company’s entire operations to be brought together, which were previously in different locations, both inside the market itself, but also outside. “The main aim behind the new installations has been thoroughly achieved, because we have substantially made the entire logistics framework more flexible and shorter. With the new infrastructure, our clients can have a product, which has passed all the customs formalities and all the quality controls in hours on their platforms. That is to say, we have managed to shorten the logistics processes,” Esther Sánchez, Financial Director and Public Relations Manager at the company explained to Fruit Today euromagazine.

The company is one of the top suppliers to Spanish distribution. “For this reason, we are aware that, in addition to supplying supermarkets, our mission lies in providing a service, as we work with perishable goods where the logistics processes play an increasingly important role every day,” the executive states.

Furthermore, this building has allowed new growth projects and processes to be carried out, amongst which the 18 pressurised ripening rooms for both bananas and plantains and for avocados and mangos stand out.

The spaciousness of the new building also allows a differentiated area to be available for the marketing of ecological produce, since the company holds all the necessary authorisations.

Within the different activities developed by the business group, importing has always stood out, particularly from Chile, where Frutas E. Sánchez has its own productions in the VI and VII regions. Accordingly, Sánchez emphasises that “it has always been our differentiating factor and we have always been very clear that our main products (apples, kiwis, cherries, etc.) must be present on the supermarket shelves 365 days a year.”

The new building, due to its enormous capacity, will allow the company to continue to grow and to make new projects such as the search for new suppliers all over the world come to fruition.

The company also has stands in the country’s two main wholesale markets, Barcelona and Madrid. “The stands are our showcase and we consider them to be one of the keystones to our business.”

The group closed 2019 with 150 million euros in invoicing and moved a volume of 175,000 tonnes of produce.


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