Harrison, safety in times of crisis

Harrison Clause

The latest launch by HM.CLAUSE is being very well-received in retail stores due to its flavour and shelf-life.

“Once again, the supermarkets have reacted positively when they have a quality product available to them.” In the promotional tests carried out on the Harrison tomato variety, the supermarkets have reacted enthusiastically, valuing its flavour, according to Manuel Ferrer, a markets and value chain specialist at HM.CLAUSE.

The supermarket chains are basically focusing on improving the flavour in the products they offer, for both commodity and premium, and with Harrison this is guaranteed. Additionally, with regard to shelf-life, “the results of the tests that we have carried out in real conditions in the supermarkets, even in the ones that are furthest away, have been very positive. Harrison has a very good post-harvest and it retains all its organoleptic qualities, remaining very fresh for longer on the shelves, results that are real and tangible.”

This variety also brings an added value to the farmers: its production, which is above average in its segment. Therefore, Ferrer assures that “Harrison brings safety in these times of crisis.”

The seed company is completing the range in its segment with this oval-type material for export and it plans to win over European consumers. Amongst its advantages are the size, significant firmness, homogeneity, excellent colour and flavour. It is a highly versatile material, suitable for both long and short cycles (depending on the farmer’s requirements), and for vine or loose production. Its resistance to TYLCV is also worth pointing out.

During the company’s annual field days, HM.CLAUSE presented many new developments, in addition to Harrison. Among these, Ambrosia, a traditional marmande with resistance to TY, as is marked out by the Clause genetics in marmande materials; Kabrera, a well-known flavourful beefsteak tomato variety and Sargento, a new development in large plum tomatoes, which is being developed in western Andalusia, Murcia and Portugal.

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