Macro premises in Los Gallombares


In 2022, Los Gallombares will launch their new operating premises. A warehouse of 10,000m² where the work will be centralised and that will allow them to modernise and streamline their operations, with 11 lines of state-of-the-art machinery and the capacity to handle 120,000 kg of asparagus in 8 hours.

To do this, they will invest 7 million euros. They will also pay out another 1.5 million to start up new automated lines in four of their pre-existing installations.

These actions are encompassed in their growth strategy. After adding Agrolachar, the next step is to continue extending surface area. “At present we are closed to new associates. The demand for the plantation of new hectares by our associates is very high, but we can’t carry on planting without any limits,” the Manager of the company, Francisco Delgado points out. With that in mind, in 2022 their volume will reach around 9 million kg of asparagus and they forecast adding another 6-10% of hectares to the 2,400 that they already have, in early areas such as Antequera and Ventorros de San José, where the micro-climate allows product to be obtained in mid-February.

Regarding the market share, they are carrying out trials of small shipments to Singapore and “now that we have the ‘Spanish Green Asparagus’ Interprofessional Association, we are asking them to fight for the USA market to be opened up, which is vetoing Spain and leaves the door open to Peru and Mexico.”

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