Marlene®, ever more international

Walter VOG

On its 25th anniversary, the number of countries where the brand from the VOG Consortium is present is increasing.

Qatar, Thailand and the Arab Emirates are the three new countries where it will be possible to find Marlene® apples on sale: an important milestone for the reference company from the VOG Consortium.

The first container of apples with the blue sticker set sail in August, with the others following at the beginning of September. “We are delighted and proud of having reached another three countries, particularly this year, the 25th anniversary of the birth of Marlene®,” comments Hannes Tauber, marketing manager for the VOG Consortium.

In its first twenty-five years of life, Marlene® has become known and has earned high appreciation in many countries, winning over both clients and end consumers. “For VOG, the foreign markets are our top priority. It is not surprising that we export our thirty varieties to over sixty-five countries all over the world,” according to Walter Pardatscher, director of the VOG Consortium. “Last March, we reached an essential milestone for Italian apple growing as a whole: the first Italian apples reached Vietnam and these apples were our Pink Lady®. Now we are adding another three goals to the Marlene® brand’s journey. Our brand has reached over twenty-five countries in its twenty-five years of life: a result that we can feel proud of and fills us with enthusiasm.”

A global campaign

An increase of the Club apples, with Pink Lady® and Kanzi® growing, has been observed in the Italian consortium and the newest and most popular apples on the market, such as Envy™ and Yello™, are also on the rise.

In the biological sector, with almost 30,000 tonnes, the harvest has shot up by 40% compared to 2019. “We plan to reach a total of one thousand hectares in 2022 and we are moving along in this direction, a fact that confirms the Consortium’s interest in biological and biodynamic product,” Walter Pardatscher comments.

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