Pink Lady®, a promising season

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The 2020/2021 season is promising to be fruitful for Pink Lady®, with a production forecast of 190,000 tonnes – 19% more than the previous year.

This 30,000 tonne growth will allow the contracting goal to be reached and will put this apple in one of the top 3 places in terms of market share on the main European markets.

While waiting for the harvest predicted for the end of October, the moment has come for the deleafing and green pruning work in order to obtain a perfect balance between vegetation and fruit. The hot, sunny days and the cool nights encourage the colouring of the apples, which guarantees fruit with exceptional quality. The diversity of the soils allows a balanced distribution of size to be obtained and this year the majority will probably be 70/80.

Strategic developments

This next season a new Pink Lady® communication campaign is going to be launched, which will consist of two waves of new television advertisements for the launch of the season and for Saint Valentine’s Day. A television campaign broadcasted in 12 countries that intends to reach over 250 million contacts.

Furthermore, a letter of commitment will be made that covers the 3 pillars of sustainable development: the environment, social and economic questions, along with 14 key goals to support the development of the network for 2030.

At the beginning of the season, new ecological packaging that is completely recyclable will reach the supermarket shelves.

Increasingly innovative trade marketing operations will be carried out that allow mechanisms to be used that combine yield and proximity, with the development of operations such as Adopt a tree, Bee Pink, Pink Cooks, etc.

Finally, there will be a new collaboration for Pinkids®, which will use the colours from the famous animated film ‘Trolls’, thanks to personalised containers, specific in-store campaigns and greater digital presence.

Thierry Mellenotte, general manager of Pink Lady® Europe, affirms that “the seasonal context, the quantitative and qualitative production potential, our new communication campaign, the marketing projects and a brand reputation that is strengthened by the important display of our letter of commitment, will allow us to consolidate our leadership position on the premium apple market in Europe.”

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