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Sav1, the latest development in rootstock

Massimo Ceradini is the manager of the third generation at Ceradini Agricola, a family-run company that operates under the following premise: “service and quality, our distinguishing marks. We are workers.” Specialising in kiwis (which they have been marketing through King Fruit for the past 10 years), the company works on all the stages of the chain, starting at the nursery plantations. A segment where they have an important new development: the Sav1 rootstock, suitable for any type of kiwi. “It works better than any other one and it is more resistant. With this rootstock, the fruit’s characteristics improve and it works very well on farms with soil problems. Another advantage is that it needs less water because it has deep roots.” After three years testing it in Italy with excellent results, they are registering it for Europe. “It has been used in New Zealand for over 17 years with good results.”

This campaign they have 15,000 tonnes of good quality fruit with better sizes compared to last year. In their range they have Soreli yellow kiwis (a free variety that they market as Gold Kiwi) and they produce Jintao (they are partners in Jingold) and kiwi for Zespri.

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