Agrintesa is backing Ser.mac

The agricultural cooperative has implemented 16-line kiwi machinery with HDiA kiwi technology

The Italian company Ser.mac, a specialist in made-to-measure machinery for handling, continues to extend its client portfolio and it has recently completed the implantation of a 16-line machine for the kiwi department of the giant company, Agrintesa. This commitment towards its HDiA (High Definition Innovative Agrovision) technology corroborates the “excellent results” offered by its technology in the case of kiwis, according to Stefano Crociani, CEO of Ser.mac. In fact, in addition to this project, they are also working with other companies on the other side of the ‘pond’ such as the Chilean company, Frugal. Parallel to this, they are amongst the first two companies that have launched specific machinery for a niche product, the kiwiberry.

The kiwi work line has equipment adapted to the different phases, from the supply (depalletising, emptying and dry brushing) to the selection and preparation of the fruit. The heart of the installation is formed by the preparation or selection equipment. Firstly, the belts perfectly line up the produce and the steps can be appreciably reduced, meaning that loading the produce in the grading machine is smoother and continuous. A crucial phase is then reached, with grading machines designed to guarantee the maximum yield over a short time, selecting the fruit in terms of weight, shape, measurements, quality and colour thanks to state-of-the-art technology. The final phase, the preparation, allows the containers or boxes to be filled perfectly and delicately, along with their palletising and traceability.

Each of the devices is designed taking a seriously basic and important premise such as ease of use into consideration. “We design the software individually for each client and we attempt to ensure that the processes are as intuitive as possible, to guarantee that the operators can configure the machine according to their needs.” Once the technology has been started up, the client has guaranteed assistance 24 hours a day through remote technicians and assistance.

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