Termico 4 years

Morera y Vallejo’s roofing for 4×4 greenhouses is the only one on the market with such a long guarantee.

Morera y Vallejo Industrial has an important development within the extensive variety of roofing for greenhouses in Almeria. It is called Térmico 4×4, the only one on the market with a 4 year guarantee thanks to its great resistance. It has a 4,000 ppm resistance to sulphur; it is more thermal and more diffuse, which allows the light to reach all areas of the plant, encouraging improved development. In addition, it is tolerant to pollinators and has an anti-drip option.

Within the company’s catalogue, the sales manager Rafael Rueda also emphasises two other products with great potential. The first is the Max Luz roofing, with the latest technology for French type greenhouses and a 3 year guarantee. Its double layer of plastic with air chamber keeps a constant temperature inside the greenhouse. The upper layer, with a gauge of 800, is thermal and has a high transparency; and the lower layer, with a gauge of 720, adds an anti-drip option to the two previously mentioned properties, preventing problems derived from excess humidity such as the appearance of fungi on the plants.

On the other hand, the ‘Especial Multitúnel’ plastic for latest generation greenhouses stands out due to its mechanical properties that allow it to stay in place over the arch. More thermal and diffuse, it is tolerant to pollinators; it has a thickness gauge of 900; 5,000 ppm sulphur resistance and it has a 3 year guarantee, in addition to the anti-drip option.

Looking to the future, Morera y Vallejo have developed an ecological plastic for ground padding using a biopolymer based on PLA, which is 100% ecological. Other advantages are added to environmental benefits, such as savings in removal costs, since it is biodegradable. Although at present it is more expensive than the conventional plastics, Rueda states that “the EU offers subsidies to purchase it through Fruit and Vegetable Growing Associations (OPFH).”

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