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“The increase of the sales quota at the destination has opened up doors for us”

The different marketing approaches are increasing CASI’s quota

 The markets are in continuous evolution. At CASI they are aware of this and respond to the ever changing demands with total adaptation and great agility. The goal is to offer competitive produce that meets with the customers’ expectations and with maximum profitability for the associate. To do this, they maintain their commitment to provide value in the most efficient way on each line. The cooperative’s manager, Antonio Domene, explains that “thanks to the different marketing approaches at CASI, we can access interesting work lines that were not possible before. The recently undertaken project of sale at destination has allowed us to form part of agreements that in the past had been closed to CASI.” However, the added value for the farmers continues to provide the differentiation that they need on certain markets. “We want to promote this type of work, maintaining our reference at auction or extending our offer from the marketing.”

In 2018/19, CASI will concentrate on the reorganisation of different areas of the cooperative to optimise the processes and try to improve the services offered. This requires a prior element of institutional analysis to reach a diagnosis that will be translated into new developments in its offer, although not as immediately as they would like. “In the short term, the main developments involve the creation and improving of the new produce lines, including launches, but always extending our leadership in tomatoes.” Another of the pillars of its strategy is diversification.

Each campaign is different to the previous ones. The one we are concerned with started off slightly late, which meant a lower production volume, with greater concentration in January and February. On the subject of surface area, CASI is increasing its hectares. In general, the trend lies in the cooperative’s specialities, “in some cases they are less productive, but with interesting market niches.” It is worth mentioning the growth of the eco line with the brand name CASI Organic, which will have 118 hectares in March for vine and cherry tomatoes, Dutch cucumbers, courgettes and mini watermelons.

Required presence

CASI was one of the first companies from Almeria to take part in the most important trade fair in the sector, back in 2001 with Extenda. That was an essential milestone for the cooperative’s growth in sales. Seventeen years have elapsed and from that modest shared space of 12 m2, CASI has undergone a very important growth. At each edition they have a large stand (Hall 10.2 stand A06), since “the demand by customers who approach our space is very high and we need a larger structure.” The communications will involve the cooperative’s specialisation in tomatoes, the launch of the ecological line and the recent commitment to produce diversification.

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