VIP reinvents its strategies

The circumstances of the pandemic, where great caution is needed in personal contact, mean that the companies are having to reinvent their sales strategies and their promotions.

This is the case of the Italian company VIP, which has started up the “TrovaMela” (Find the apple) project on supermarket shelves and stands in the different distribution chains. This plan allows purchasers to identify the flavour of the different apple varieties through colour, on a scale ranging from acid to sweet.

“We believe that, using this information formula, consumers will find greater satisfaction in their purchases, as we guarantee that they will acquire what they really want, a quality apple. At present, we are receiving very positive feedback,” sources from the company indicate.

The digital boom

The digital boom has not passed the Italian company by, and it has opened up a new profile in LinkedIn, aimed at making the exchanges of information more fluid.

At present, it is also working on preparing the second part of the season with an innovative digital B2C marketing campaign to inform about the value of its productions on different web platforms.

“Covid-19 has caused a situation where reinvention is necessary, simplifying access to the information using digital resources, with new formulas and languages.”

Leader in biological crops

Another of the sociological consequences of this world pandemic is citizen awareness of a more sustainable way of life, in line with nature. Accordingly, the boom in ecological production is on the rise. “VIP has always kept the spotlight on this segment, and our capacity for service and storage is one of the largest in Europe.” All the biological apples are prepared at the cooperative Juval, in the new centre in Castelbelo, which has high technology and automatic chilling rooms. Its capacity can reach 28 tonnes per hour, where the quality, sustainability and traceability of the produce are totally guaranteed.

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