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Watermelon in all formats


Fashion is starting the campaign with important new developments in the diversification of its range: snacks and a new line of juices.

Every April, one of the most popular fruits of the spring/summer season reaches the shelves. And this time, in spite of the “uncertainty” that is hovering over the sector due to the coronavirus, at Fashion they remain hopeful that the season will not suffer, as there is still time before the ‘significant’ sales campaign begins.

Refreshing and healthy (a value that is even more important, if possible, at this time), Fashion watermelons are getting ready to fill the supermarket shelves with around 80 million kilos of flavour and health. A volume that follows the tonic of the last campaign regarding continuity and sustainability, and for which 1,800 hectares are used in all the different crop areas.

This year, watermelon and melon snacks produced by Naturae, its partner’s bio-factory, are being added to fresh fruit. They are 100% natural, with a shelf life that is up to 10 times longer than any other fresh fruit on the market (they remain in perfect conditions for up to 40 days.) And they are also incorporating a new line of juices, in collaboration with the company from Valladolid, which are completely natural (with 0% of chemical preservatives, residues, added sugars, heat treatments…) and with an expiry date of up to 60 days.

At the last edition of Fruit Attraction, Fashion presented the snacks and it was a runner-up for the Accelera Award for Innovation and Enterprise.

This season, the company is continuing with its digital marketing strategy. “We are going to repeat our campaign with the dietician-nutritionist/influencer Carlos Ríos as our ambassador, following last year’s categorical success,” Victor González, Head of Marketing, advanced to Fruit Today. Viral challenges on social media and collaborations with micro-influencers will be other actions that the company will set in motion to promote watermelon consumption, without forgetting the television campaign in the general media on prime time programmes, from the beginning of May.

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