Karamel Rome, a perfect balance

A study by the UAL emphasises the ideal balance of organic acids, sugars and chlorogenic acid of the KEOPS plum cherry tomato.

Keops Agro is returning to the Fruit Attraction trade fair, as it does every year, and this time it is bringing Karamel Rome as the star of its space. This tasty vine cherry tomato was launched by Keops three years ago and it is having very good results. With Karamel Rome “we wanted to offer what we think consumers and supermarkets want: smaller formats, with extra flavour and very high post-harvest quality. It is difficult to bring all these factors together – there are very sweet products available, but with post-harvest problems, and this is not the case with Karamel Rome. It has no post-harvest problems; we have no record of any at all,” according to Francisco Javier del Águila, the Manager of the ecological production company from Almeria.

According to the studies carried out by the University of Almeria (UAL) on the subject of flavour, Karamel Rome “has much lower levels of malic acid than other varieties on a metabolic level, making it more appetising. It has a very good balance of organic acids, sugars (9-12 Brix) and chlorogenic acid, a natural preservative.” Due to its healthy compounds, it is ideal for looking after your health and “preventing heart problems.”

At present it is only available on the French and German markets, and to a lesser degree, in Holland. “We haven’t got enough produce due to the high demand it has,” Del Águila affirms.

Within the Karamel line, Keops also has Karamel Cerise, a round cherry tomato.

At the fair, in addition to this range, there will be other products such as the spicy peppers of the long chilli type. Moreover, new pepper typologies and formats will soon be added since they are already working on them.

Likewise, Keops will show its commitment to health with a prominent space for the Epigen Healthy Bite stamp, of which it forms part along with another 14 national companies. “This quality stamp differentiates products with advantages regarding the environment, carbon sequestration, and production, as it allows the natural expression of the fruit, maximising this quality.”

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