Rivoira: The brazilian apple project

rivoira Brazilian Apples program

The project would never have got off the ground without Epagri, the breeder and IFO, its global licensee.

On Wednesday 6th October in occasion of Fruit Attraction in Madrid, Marco Rivoira, CEO of Rivoira Giovanni & Figli, has officially presented THE BRAZILIAN APPLE PROJECT.

He announced that Gerhard Dichgans, whom he introduced as the “Ronaldo of the Apples”, would be the Global Project Manager of this project which he fells is going to revolutionize the apple’s sector.

Highlight of the event was the exclusive presentation and tasting of the “3 sisters”  – Luiza, Venice and Isadora – with their eye-catching brilliant red colour and the intrinsic organoleptic qualities: exceptional juicy texture and extra sweet taste, which can reach easily 15 to 17b brix.

Adapted to warm climates, where they easily color, these three varieties are picked at different times: the earliest, Luiza, has a picking window along with Gala, Venice is picked in late September and Isadora late October.

Most significantly, these three new varieties have the unique characteristic to be picked ripe on the tree, with full development of flavours and aromas.

The “3 Sisters” will be presented to the consumer under one brand, and thanks to the excellent storability and shelf life, promise to be twelve months on the shelves.

“We do not launch a single new variety”, said Marco Rivoira, “We are building a new segment within the apple category: the Extra Sweet, which is what a vast majority of the consumers in Europe, Mediterranean markets and in Asia are looking for.

This promising BRAZILIAN APPLE PROJECT becomes now commercial reality:  in spring 2021 the first 30.000 trees have been planted by Rivoira Group in Piemont/Italy, followed by another 125.000 trees of all three varieties in spring 2022, in order to reach the objective of 200 hectares within 2024. New partners in Europe and Overseas have already shown great interest for the project: the global objective is to reach 4000 hectares around the world.

The next presentation of this project will be held in Berlin during the Fruit Logistica fair, where they will announce important novelties such as the brand image of the project.

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