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Europatat Congress 2016 “Not business as usual” – Registrations open!

The Europatat Congress 2016 will take place in Brussels (Belgium) on 1 & 2 June 2016. Under the slogan “Not business as usual”, the Congress will focus on discovering ways for business to manage change in an uncertain world to remain successful.

Successful businesses must learn how to manage uncertainty and address multifaceted challenges driven by technological revolution, climate change, a growing demand for sustainability, new trade patterns, demographic shifts and modern consumer behaviour. Europatat and Freshfel Europe (the European Fresh Fruit & Vegetables Association) are joining forces to explore tips and strategies beyond conventional planning to position potatoes and fresh fruit and vegetables into a successful bright future.

Discover how to manage change in an uncertain world to remain successful:

 Build on the successful experience of the Europatat and Freshfel’s annual events

 Benefit from the unique opportunity to network with industry leaders from the potato and fresh fruit and vegetable sectors, and learn from best practice and synergies that could be gained between the two sectors

 Take benefit of the combined expertise of two major agriculture sectors in Europe to exchange views and best practices

 Understand the unpredictable change of the society and business environment and its implications for our industries

 Build uncertainty into your conventional planning strategy and explore new ways to address the multifaceted challenges facing our sector today

 Get inspiration for future business decision outside the “comfort zone”

 Discover how EU policy could accompany these changes and move our sector into innovation, better promotion and better care for the societal concerns

Registrations are now open! For registrations, please, visit the official congress website with more information on the programme:

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